A Diploma in Computer Science is one of the best options after 10th as computer engineering is an exciting and futuristic field. A diploma program is a well-structured and skill-oriented program. A diploma program can help you gain foundational knowledge in computer science, if you are unsure about which branch of computer science you would prefer. There is a massive demand for skilled and well-qualified professionals in the industry due to the rising dependency on technology. A diploma program can open up a variety of career options in diverse industries.

advantages of pursuing a Diploma in Computer Science after 10th:

1. Direct Second Year Lateral Entry to B.Tech Programs

Three year diploma programs enable candidates to gain direct second year lateral entry into B.Tech programs. This is because these programs are designed to provide students with the right knowledge and skill-focused training in the field. You will be able to complete a four year degree program in three years if you have a diploma qualification beforehand. Saving a year could give you a better head start in the industry. You will also have two specific qualifications, a diploma and a degree, in computer science which can help you gain better career opportunities globally.

2. Good Career Opportunities

A Diploma in Computer Science and Engineering can definitely pave the way for great career opportunities. There is an acute shortage of well-qualified people in the industry on a global scale. So if you pursue this program from a reputed college, you can stand apart from your competition in the job market. However, it is advisable to enhance your skills with an undergraduate degree after a diploma program for better opportunities. A career in some of the most renowned global brands can be accessible to you with these qualifications.

3. Opportunities in Diverse Industries

Our dependence on computers and technology is very high. Companies across different industries rely on computer-related technologies at an operational level. There was a time when IT companies were the only ones recruiting computer engineers on a large scale. However, now companies from industries like banking and finance, travel, hospitality, healthcare, education, e-commerce giants, and various government agencies are constantly recruiting talented computer engineers to work for them.

4. Competitive Salary

Who doesn’t want to earn a great salary at the job of their dreams? Computer science is a niche qualification with a lot of scope. Companies are constantly looking for skilled and knowledgeable professionals in the field. You can negotiate for a better salary package, depending on your qualifications in the field. A Diploma in Computer Science can give you the right foundation on which you can build a lucrative career with a great salary.

5. Scope for Specialised Higher Education

There are many undergraduate and postgraduate programs you can pursue after a diploma program. Computer science engineering is a vast field and there are ample futuristic specialisations available today. Fields like cloud technology, advanced cloud computing, information security, Blockchain technology, cyber security, machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science, virtual reality, UX design, business analytics and many more are available to you. All these fields have a lot of scope globally so you will always be able to find a good job with the right qualifications. You can choose the field that interests you the best.have a wholesome student experience there as they balance personal growth with professional ambition.


Diploma in Electronics and Communication engineering deals with recent trends in communication technology via wire/wireless networks, circuits designs & Micro controllers. Electronics and communication engineering deals with the nonlinear and active electrical components such as analog electronics, digital electronics, consumer electronics, embedded systems and power electronics. The course holder of Electronics and Communication Engineering uses the scientific knowledge of the behavior and effects of electronics to develop components, devices,systems and equipment.

Future Scope Prospects Of ECE

Electronic and communication engineering is a very big sector. There are many career possibilities in this. If the candidate pursues the course of Electronics and Communication Engineering from a good college, then he/ she will be able to get a job easily.

ECE engineers expertise in managing large scale research, designing, conceptualizing, developing and testing of the electronic equipment used in latest communication devices. On the other hand, certain technological equipment like smartphones, tablets, processors, smart wrist watches, smart LED TV’s, etc. has only led to the surge in their demand.

Employment Opportunities Of ECE

Some of the top most companies that hire the Electronics and communication Engineers are as follows:-

  • Telecommunication

  • Manufacturing Industry

  • Broadcasting

  • Data Communication

  • Service Organisations

  • Research and Development

  • Entertainment Industry

  • Reliance Industries

  • Nokia Siemens

  • LG


  • TCS

  • Infosys

  • TATA


Diploma in Electrical Engineering has diverse career options and scope for the future. You can opt for this program after completing class 10, and the duration of this program is generally three years. This is a skill-oriented program with additional focus on providing students with hands-on training in the field. The course curriculum of this program prepares students to enter the job market upon graduation.

Here are the career options and future scope open to you after completing a Diploma in Electrical Engineering:

1. Junior Electrical Engineer

Junior electrical engineers are tasked with inventing cutting-edge electrical products, overlooking repairs of electrical devices, operating electrical equipment and maintaining the same. These professionals are hired by companies manufacturing or dealing with electrical products or by construction companies that undertake electrical work in different kinds of construction projects. This is a good job opportunity with a lot of scope to grow and enhance your career in the future.

2. Aerospace Electrical Engineer

Professionals holding a Diploma in Electrical Engineering can find work in the aerospace industry. In this industry, they will be responsible for innovating on virtual connectors, computer systems, networking and steering systems, and radar equipment. This is a serious job as the aerospace industry is complex by nature. An aerospace electrical engineer is expected to be extremely professional and skilled in the field. The job comes with a decent salary package and there is scope to rise up the ranks with time.

3. Freelance Electrician

You can choose to freelance as an electrician with this qualification. You can work with different clients to install, repair and maintain electrical equipment in residential or commercial spaces. This is a good career opportunity as it requires hands-on skills and knowledge about various electrical devices. You can make a good earning by expanding your venture by recruiting more professionals to work with you. In this way, you will be able to take up larger projects and make more money in the process. You will need to have decent communication and people skills when working as a freelance electrician.

4. Quality Assurance Office

Quality assurance officers are in huge demand in the electrical engineering field. These professionals are extremely necessary in electrical engineering as malfunctioning electrical equipment and products can lead to serious injury or loss of life. Quality assurance engineers are responsible for running tests and checks to detect faulty equipment. They are involved in the designing, developing and testing stage of electrical products..

6. Higher Education

You can also pursue higher education in electrical engineering after gaining a Diploma in the field. Undergraduate courses like B.E. Electrical Engineering and B.Tech Electrical Engineering followed by postgraduate programs like M.E. Electrical Engineering and M.Tech Electrical Engineering can help you elevate your profile and opportunities by a large margin. Such programs can help you gain better career scope after electrical engineering at the very start of your career with a good salary package.


Mechanical engineering is considered one of the top branches of engineering. Every year thousands of students take admission in mechanical engineering courses. The course objectives for Diploma in Mechanical Engineering are to provide students with the knowledge and skills that are necessary for the futurist engineering industry.

Also, the course aims for developing the competencies of the students to make them employable with core competencies of creating innovative, entrepreneurial, efficient engineers of high professional standards with a broad perspective of the discipline

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Future Scope in India

Mechanical engineering plays an important role in all aspects of our lives in one way or another, both in India and abroad. As the program covers multiple industries, students pursuing it will have a wide range of career opportunities.

Engineers in the mechanical field have a wide spectrum of opportunities in India and abroad, in nearly any industry. Mechanical Engineering graduates may work in aerospace, chemical manufacturing plants, automobiles, oil exploration, railway factories, and many other industries.

As technology has advanced in recent decades, Mechanical Engineers are increasingly needed in more technologically specific areas, including nanotechnology, biomedical engineering, robotics, artificial intelligence, and energy conservation.

Mechanical Engineering careers are expected to gain enormous traction over the next few years and will soon surpass many other professions as one of the highest paying careers. Students who aspire to pursue higher education after graduating from mechanical engineering schools have numerous options to choose from, from short-term summer courses to grad school. Also, they can pursue a diploma or certification in CAD, pipe engineering, etc., or pursue a master's degree in a technical or business field.

Career or Jobs Opportunities after Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Degree

It is possible to have a highly rewarding career in Mechanical Engineering for a variety of reasons. Generally speaking, this is a highly reputed profession. The average salary is high for both private and public organizations. The scope of a Mechanical Engineer's work is immense & depending upon the roles and responsibilities, the pay scale is determined. This includes planning, initiating, overseeing, and completing a variety of mechanical projects. Professionals in these fields typically find employment with government organizations, in management, banks, railways, defence, law, etc. Thus, Mechanical Engineering is probably one of the most lucrative, intriguing, and gratifying career options available today.